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I’ve been asked a lot about how I draw hoods, mostly Talon’s hood, so I hope this helps a little? Just a pretty basic thing but hey there ya go

Hoods are pretty cool, they usually have a lot of variety in how they can look (and sometimes people even wear two hoods at once) so just get creative with it and have fun

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Central heterochromia is where the central (pupillary) zone of the iris is a darker color than the mid-peripheral (ciliary) zone.

I have this! :D

my mom has this! how cool!

I have this!!!

Actually, it does’t have to be a darker ring. The inner ring can be a lighter or just different color as well. It’s just more prominent when the inner ring is darker.Gold to blue central heterochromia

…I legit had NO idea there was a name for this (I know of heterochromia, but not this particular kind), but I have it!

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